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Subject and object of cognition in a projection of educational techniques and psychological concepts

06 05 2014 12:00
06 10 2014 18:00

June 05-10, 2014 the second stage of research analytics championships and the 82nd International Research and Practice Conference "Subject and object of cognition in a projection of educational techniques and psychological concepts" is to be held.

The subject of the event is Psychology and Education.

Closing date for application - June 04, 2014.

The events (Research Analytics Championships and Scientific Conferences) are held in the remote-interactive mode. Organizational and juridical provision of events is carried out at the International Academy of Science and Higher Education functioning location – in London (UK). 

  • Working languages

    For participation in science analytics championships authors can present their reports (articles) in languages, which have the status of the publication language or the presentation language pursuant to the International Scientific Analytical Project rules.

    According to the general rule, the publication of the author's report (article) in the digest, printed following the results of the event (stage of the science analytics championship or science conference), may be carried out using the language, which was given a status of the publication language within the project. The main publication languages, used for promulgation of science reports in the project’s printed matters, are the following languages of international communications, which provide the widest perception level of reports (articles) for the interested parties: English and Russian.

    For alternative presentation of the scientific work contents via the website: the presentation languages may be used. These are the research authors’ native languages.

    At the same time, considering the certain authors’ wishes, as an exception from rules, the IASHE allows the usage of national languages (which do not have the status of international communications language) for the presentation of reports with the aim of publication in scientific works digests.

    Along with this, those who present their scientific works for participation in the project in national language (which does not have the status of international communications language), are obliged to duplicate the contents of their researches in English or Russian on the website: for providing international experts and the maximum number of persons concerned with the chance of acquaintance with it.

    In addition, concerning the fact that publication of reports in European scientific digests using languages, which do not have the status of international communications language, impartially lowers international citation indexes of such reports. It is authors, who respond for the decrease of presentability of their scientific works.  

    Form of carrying out  the championship/conference

    Remote interactive form. This form of  the championship/conference holding does not require the participant's personal presence. Scientific works and brief information about the authors will be presented on the website for the participants and other interested persons to acquaint with.

    Following the results of the championship/conference the digests of materials are published, which, depending on the number of relevant materials, can be specialized, combined (in allied sciences), or general digests with thematic gradation. General information in the digest is published in English, the author's data and scientific works are published in a digest without proofreading in one of the publication languages. The digests are given the International standard book numbers (ISBN).

    Collections of materials, certificates, personal diplomas and prizes are sent to the championship/conference participants by post.

    We would be happy to see you among the participants of the Championship and Conference!